Independent Arts Trust Charity based in Edinburgh

Trustee’s Annual General Meeting 5th August 2020

The Trustee’s Annual General meeting went ahead on the above date. A summary report of the AGM will be covered in the next 2 editions of the Trust newsletter.

Postponement of Trustee’s Annual General Meeting 6th May 2020

Since the Trust formation in August 2006 our Trustee’s Annual General Meeting(AGM) has been held in May each year. This year due to the continuation of the coronavirus pandemic and the governments instruction to maintain social physical distancing we have unanimously taken the decision to postpone our Trustee’s AGM until the restrictions on travel and social distancing have been relaxed sufficiently to allow the Trustees to meet at the Trust headquarters in Edinburgh. The Trust management will continue to create the supporting documentation such as our Annual Return and Statement of accounts and financial balance. We will electronically sent the information to all Trustee’s for their agreement and approval. We hope that by late summer or early autumn we will hold the rescheduled Trustee’s AGM.

Trust Charity Number OSCR

Find our Trust information at the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) 


Established and registered as a charity in Scotland in August 2006, registration number SCO37409, the Trust object is-
a) The public education on interrelation between Scotland, the wider United Kingdom and Japan in the world of art through the deepening mutual understanding of the subject and exchanging exhibition programs of arts and crafts.
b) The rediscovery of the past heritage of Scotland, the wider United Kingdom and Japan, and recognise the value in the hope of revitalising our present understandings. This we believe will lead to a wider appreciation of the different cultures where we live.