From the collections page we will give links to the Trust collection including the collection blog page(snippets). We hope to showcase the wider collection of Paintings, Ceramics, Glass, Textiles and Arts and Craft items which make up the collection of almost 4,500 inventory items.

Trust Collection “snippets”

The Trust Management has an ongoing pleasurable task of keeping the collection inventory of paintings, ceramics, glass, textiles and art and craft items up to date. As of the beginning of May 2020 we have recorded and photographed for the collection approximately 1,500 items of Scottish Pottery. We believe the Trust Scottish Pottery collection is amongst the largest non national or city museums collections of Scottish Pottery. The collection spans from the beginning of the “Industrial” era of pottery circa 1820s through to the post “Industrial” era of 1950c. The collection encompasses all of the geographic locations where Scottish pottery was produced. The diversity and range highlights that Scottish pottery was a successful industry employing directly and indirectly thousands of persons to supply the national and sometimes international demand for Scottish ceramics.

On occasion we have purchased or been donated rare items which help document the diversity and depth of Scottish pottery and very recently we have been successful through a private purchase and donation to the Trust of a very early signed transfer ware plate by John Geddes, the owner and founder the ‘Glasgow and Verreville Glass and Pottery Company. The period of John Geddes ownership of the works were from 1810c to 1830 and therefor the plate purchased and donated is around 200 years old.

A link to the wiki page on Verreville(French words Verre=Glass, ville=city) Pottery can be found below and a link is included for the Scottish Pottery Society(SPS) is included,_Glasgow

We welcome any donations from the public of Scottish Pottery that helps widen and share our hope of making Scottish pottery more widely know and appreciated.

In the coming weeks we will build the “Collections” web page to highlight more of the Trust collection.