The Vision by Maurice Greiffenhagen(15 December 1862 – 26 December 1931) A major restoration project.

Latest News 18th May 2020

We have received word from Simon that the painting has been restored and we now look forward to the Maurice Grieffenhagen RA painting of the “Vision” being returned to the Trust HQ.

Below is the story behind the restoration project with images by Simon Blackwood.

On November 12 2019 at Bonham’s Auctions in Knightsbridge London, Kozo Hoshino and John Duncan Ferguson both Trustees of the Victor Murphy Trust SCO37409, privately purchased what we believe is an important painting from 1921 of “The Vision” by Maurice Greiffenhagen RA. The intention for purchasing this large oil on canvas work(165.1 x 125.7cm (65 x 49 1/2in) was to donate the painting to the Victor Murphy Trust and therefore ensure as best as possible that the painting can for the future be accessed by the wider public. During transportation of the painting from London in December sadly the painting canvas was damaged and the original arts and craft style frame suffered further deterioration.
The painting was insured for transportation and once accepted that damage had occurred during transportation it was returned to London and the transportation companies consultant fine art restorer for assessment and evaluation of damage.
The London based restorer did a full assessment of the painting and frame and it became apparent that the condition of the painting and frame was so bad overall including a previous repair that a major and complete restoration and repair of the painting and frame would be required and that simply repairing the damage done during transportation could not be achieved in isolation.
The Trust Chairman Kozo Hoshino with the agreement of John Duncan Ferguson made the decision that the painting and frame should be restored before donating the painting to The Victor Murphy Trust, the full cost for the restoration will be paid for privately prior to being donated to the Trust.
In February 2020 the painting was returned from London and delivered to Simon Blackwood Fine Arts, Near Hawick in the Scottish Borders for Simon to carry out the work of restoration and repair.
The repair and restoration work is now ongoing and the Trust management feels that it would be informative to post the paintings background since purchased and the restoration process on the Trust website and social media and to tell the story of the work that goes on behind the scene in the preservation of our national heritage. We will post on our media the ongoing work and we look forward to a time when we can hand over this fully restored stunning painting to the Trust for the public enjoyment.
Kozo Hoshino, Trust Chairman.

Below is the progress with images sent by Simon.

April 11th update.

The updated images show,

Preparation for re-lining of the painting with the loom for the new canvas backing is the first image and the facing of the painting is the second and the preparation for the gesso work which is in progress.

Below is a link to the artist Wikipedia web-page, and from here you can find out more information and further links including the Glasgow School of Art where he taught between 1906 to 1926.

May 2nd update.

The updated images show,

Dear Kozo,

The painting was re-lined and I enclose some images for you.

I have illustrated some of the previous repairs which had to be removed

prior to the lining. The other illustrations depict the painting on the loom

after it has been re-lined, removal of the facing tissues etc.

I will let you know as we progress further. The frame is being gilded over last week and the next and I will send images when I have them.

I hope you are well.

With Best Wishes,


May 9th update.

The updated images show,

Dear Kozo,

I enclose some images of the progress with the restoration.First is the gilding of the frame now that the missing areas have been replaced and the cleaning has been completed.

Then the repairs to the virgin Mary

Then stages during the cleaning of the painting after re-lining.

And last the re-touching completed.Please bear in mind that this is not a good photograph as the shadow of the easel is visible and the whole painting has yet to have the final varnish.